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The Hook Recovery Center is an upscale rehabilitation facility under development in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The facility will provide residential treatment services for individuals recovering from addiction. The program differentiates itself from current high-end alternatives by combining the benefits of the traditional 12-step program of recovery with individualized care that is innovative and cutting edge. The Hook is groundbreaking in its approach to individualized care by understanding each of our patient’s needs and truly implementing customized recovery programs accordingly.


A passionate management team with extensive industry experience joining with industry leaders and a leading multi-disciplinary team of Directors, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Therapists and Nurses. These top professionals are committed to an abstinence based residential model focused heavily on individualized care.


The Hook is a 30 bed, first rate inpatient rehabilitation facility for self-pay clientele with a 6 bed intensive detox unit. Our program is truly unique in its clinical approach to individualized care by understanding each patient’s needs, and implementing customized recovery programs to support recovery, leading to self-sufficiency, and an improving quality of life for each and every patient.


Our program includes one-to-one therapy, lectures, group therapy and outside experts as part of the therapeutic process. The Hook subscribes to a holistic approach of providing a variety of proven interventions and methodologies in the provision of care. This includes nutrition, exercise, music, yoga, and acupuncture to assist with post-acute withdrawals.


Studies prove that those suffering from addiction have better outcomes when they remain local and close to family. Currently, there are no upscale rehab options for patients seeking recovery in New York City. Patients are forced to leave their families to travel great distances down south and far west to get the help they need. Compared to the rest of the United States, NYC is lacking high-end addiction rehabilitation facilities.


State of the art facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Patients will enjoy comfort, compassion and privacy in a setting that feels like home. Amenities will include serene outdoor space, art and music studios, a business suite, as well as a fitness center and yoga studio.




Red Hook

Brooklyn, New York

Red Hook sits at the southern edge of Downtown Brooklyn, making it the only neighborhood in New York City with an unobstructed view of the Statue of Liberty. It has limited public transportation, yet extremely accessible due to its close proximity to everything. Simply put, Red Hook is magical as a serene environment nestled in an urban area with a strong recovery support network perfect for The Hook Recovery Center and its recovering patients.

Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Michael Mosberg

Michael Mosberg

  • Email:: mike@thehookrc.com

Michael is the entrepreneur and visionary behind Urban Recovery House and The Hook.  He brings extensive managerial, real estate, and property management experience to the Company.

Michael practiced as an attorney, culminating in 2007 with the launch of his own law practice. He  was involved in the founding of TheFix.com which is the world’s leading addiction and recovery website. Currently, Michael is a partner in a real estate firm invested in the New York market. He is also involved in several startup technology ventures that have raised in excess of $70 million dollars. Michael holds a JD from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, and studied Business Management at the SySyms School of Business at Yeshiva University.

Cal Nathan

Cal Nathan

  • Email: : cal@thehookrc.com

A lifelong entrepreneur, Cal brings a deep expertise in launching new ventures, marketing, management, operations, hospitality, and finance to the Company. He also brings an extensive list of business contacts who can help the Company establish a strong brand identity in the field of upscale recovery services.

Since 1998, Cal has been a partner in a leading event agency that serves top-tier clientele, advertising agencies and leading consumer brands. Cal’s expertise lies in marketing and branding and will help Urban Recovery House build a premier brand in the rehab space. Cal holds both an MBA and a BS in Marketing and Management from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Johan Sorensen

Johan Sorensen

  • Email: : johan@thehookrc.com

Johan brings more than a decade of experience in launching, managing, and marketing residential addiction treatment facilities to the Company. He has also served as a clinical director at multiple centers around the world, including the Nour al Shorouk Centers in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Johan has launched and/or run several of the best-known residential facilities in the UK, including Life Works and Priory Farm Place. He currently provides consultancy services and interventions in Europe, Africa, the U.S., and the Middle East. He travels and networks internationally in a quest to find the newest and most effective approaches for any given population. Johan’s passion is the provision of comprehensive and top quality care using innovative and client-centered approaches. He is an executive board member of C4 Recovery Solutions in the U.S. and a trustee for the Addiction Recovery Foundation in the UK. Johan qualified as an addiction counselor in England in 1998.

The Hook Recovery Center Treatment Program

Revolutionizing Recovery

Assessment and Treatment Planning

Each patient admitted to the program receives ongoing personal assessment services administered by a professional staff member under the supervision of the program supervisor.

Individual Counseling

Each patient works closely with his/her therapist, face-to-face, to develop continuum care strategies to achieve the measurable outcomes contained in the treatment plan.

Group Counseling

Each patient works closely with his/her therapist in group counseling sessions to achieve measurable outcomes contained in their treatment plan.

Education about Relevant Self-Help Groups

Group Counseling and Educational Groups introduce patients to the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Patients will participate in on-site and community self help groups.

Discharge Planning

Patients discharged from the program are referred to appropriate alternative care based on individualized treatment needs and other life domain issues.

Medication Therapy And Medication Education

Patients may receive medication as prescribed by our Medical Doctors within the course of their therapy with full understanding and compliance.

Family Treatment

The Hook administers group family therapy to treat patients’ substance abuse problems through addressing issues in a family setting. Family therapy works to promote successful problem solving, communication and understanding between a patient and family members as it relates to the patient’s symptoms, treatment and recovery.

Crisis Intervention

Clinical emergencies involving patients are handled immediately and responsively, and through other community resources when necessary. Immediate interventions will be handled by The Hook’s experienced staff except when a hospital emergency room visit or 911 call is required.



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